Difficult Things About Kollegah – Herbst.

Fk the budget – advertising course with Selfmade Records. In December 2016 he published his album Imperator on his own tag Alpha Music Empire. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Permit ; additional terms may apply. I dont know if you guys care but it’s a fairly major deal here in germany. It’s maybe a bit to technical for my taste but I could see why he’s regarded as one of the best rappers in germany.Image result for Kollegah - Herbst

Rapping is just a business to him and simply a thing he does to earn money. He is currently living in Düsseldorf and studies Jurisprudence in the University of Mainz 5 To graduate the state exam he’s got to do a positioning but now he’s concentrated on his career as rap artist. His debut album, Alphagene, was released in 2007 since Selfmade Records ‘ fourth record and reached #51 from the German album charts.

It at No. 1 on the German album charts with first week sales of 115,000 copies. Kollegah started his career pretending for a pimp that’s wealthy from crimes he allegedly commited. I truly respect his rapping abillity however, Kollegah – Herbst the man is actually always rapping about the same stuff: Money, his bicep size, being a macho, cars, bitches and how much better he is than anyone else.

I was quite undetected after Armageddon (seriously, check it out( eight pure amazing minutes) but oh well. In 2013, he received a Golden album because of his collaboration record Jung, barbarous, gutaussehend 2 together with Farid Bang 80,000 copies of the record have been sold in the first week after launch.Image result for Kollegah - Herbst

It attained gold status in Germany over 24 hours following its release for at least 100,000 units and 160,000 within a week marketed and has come to be the very first record of a German artist to peak at number one of the worldwide album charts from Spotify Also, no other rap-album in Germany ever reached the Gold-status after only 24 hours.

From the song, they accuse Selfmade Records artists of having created the feud to the sole purpose of advertising their record; Kitty Kat additionally strikes Favorite by referring to the passing of his parents, who perished because of a fire while camping. For me the appeal is, that the wordplays in his paths are sometimes really amazing and funny (plenty of double/triple entendres that you cant transalte into english).

All pictures That are not new album artwork go in /r/hiphopimages. A 77-minute film was created of Kollegah’s visit to Palestine, and as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube it moved viral, getting over 430,000 viewpoints within the first 24 hours. Kinda disappointed with the album however, lyrics are basically the same every tune and the beats seem quite similar.

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